Puerto Rico

A year ago, we could not have imagined that we would have had an experience like this, going to Puerto Rico “»The Island of Enchantment», absolutely a fantastic place.

The incredible dedication of the Rodríguez Olaverri family and friends, music and jazz lovers, in particular Bernie, Julio Miranda and José Aníbal Collazo, made this all come true!

Rodríguez Olaverri family and friends – Paseo Caribe, San Juan

We gave two concerts in San Juan: the first one in the jazz hall of old San Juan “Carli´s”, where we had the opportunity to play with the Puerto Rican pianist and composer Carli Muñoz. And thanks to promoter Christopher Rivera, we had our 2nd concert in Paseo Caribe where we met the Puerto Rican singer Edgar Ríos with whom we shared the stage, playing «Black Tears» by Miguel Matamoros. We learned immediately that in the Caribbean, they really ‘live the music’ with great intensity and respect for the musician.

Jazz for Kids members together with Carli Muñoz

We also took the time to visit the “Conservatory of San Juan” where we attended a Big Band class and seeing firsthand how they work on Latin Jazz and Salsa: we loved it!

Conservatory «San Juan»

Just before the end of the trip we were lucky enough to get tickets for the Big Band concert, featuring trumpet player Humberto Ramírez, one of the musicians of the legendary Fania All Stars. And coincidence or not, among the public was another great performer: Ismael Miranda, singer of the mythical band that was invited to perform along with the Big Band: a luxury treat. We have brought a lot of music and many friends to Spain, now let’s see if we can repeat it soon!

Big Band concert – Humberto Ramírez.
After the concert in Paseo Caribe withEdgar Ríos
Group picture together with Humberto Ramírez.
Bernie and José Antonio
Alejandro, Ismael Miranda, José Antonio and Alvaro
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